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Hello everyone, 

I am very pleased to see the hard work in year 11. I have heard so many positive comments from colleagues about the positive attitude from year 11 students.

Do your best in these PPEs. i’m looking forward to seeing how well you do. 

Since the preparation for year 11 sessions in year 10 we have talked about doing a little work often. I hope that the Tuesday morning revision sessions have helped with this. I have attached the power points that we have used. Remember it is never to late to start preparing! Week 5 revision tips provides a reminder of some of the topics that you might encounter, so if you are looking for a place to start this might help.  If you want a summary of revision tips there is a handy guide to revising. Perhaps you just want a reminder of the exam timetable because you have misplaced yours, that can be found too. 

Mr Johnson

Revision: How to guide

We have put together a few tips to help you on your way to revision & exam success


  • Get yourself organised – plan a routine
  • Get ahead: buy the workbooks in the subjects you need
  • Plan your revision, what, when and where
  • Complete your revision timetable; little and often, in manageable chunks
  • Schedule in regular breaks and “me time” and rewards!!
  • Find a quiet space, away from distractions; give your phone a break!
  • Use your pack: highlighters, cards, post its, page tags, pens
  • Use resources, make them work for your e.g. You Tube, Online subject links, quizzes etc., (check re subject & exam board (AQA etc.)
  • Work through the workbooks (refer to text books, revision guides) – use bullet points to plan answers even if not then written in full
  • Make and use revision cards e.g. events or names & dates
  • Make mind maps for key areas – put them on your wall
  • Pop onto post it notes, post them round your home or room
  • Make it active revision: writing, speaking, testing between friends
  • Hold group chat revision sessions () with friends, plan them, and quiz each other’s knowledge ( organise on zoom)
  • Pace yourself, have breaks, get some fresh air, and go for a walk…
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet; feed your brain… you can still have some treats too!
  • Keep hydrated; drink plenty of water
  • Do what works best for you e.g. some people work better in the morning, others at night
  • Ask for help from friends, family, and teachers
  • Remember: Stay positive, you are invincible, “If you think you can…”


  • Don’t just colour in the guide; active learning will help you retain it!
  • Don’t revise with the TV on (listening to music may help)
  • Don’t forget to take breaks
  • Don’t get too stressed, chat to and meet friends, have a bath, exercise
  • Don’t avoid the areas you hate or are weaker at, tackle them head on…if you think you can…..break difficult subjects into bite sized chunks
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute
  • Don’t surround yourself with distractions
  • Don’t miss out on your sleep
  • Don’t forget to check your timetable and make sure you’re ready in advance for the next day

Being prepared for Exam day

  1. The night before – get your clear pencil case together, spare pens, pencil, calculator, exam timetable, candidate number, snack and filled water bottle and uniform ready the night before.
  2. Do last minute revision if it helps you.
  3. Try and relax, have a bath, maybe get some fresh air or do something to take your mind off it
  4. Practice relaxation, listening to music and taking slow deep breaths can help calm your mood
  5. Above all get to be early for a good night’s sleep
  6. Set your alarm, allow a bit of extra time, so no rushing and time to eat and drink!

Above all: stay focussed, look after yourself, and believe in yourself.
Take care, we wish you the very BEST of LUCK!!

6th January 2022 – Year 11 Information Evening

Maths GCSE – Summer 2022 formula sheets

The following sheet will be provided to students in their Maths GCSE this summer, dependant on tier of entry.

Equation Sheets for Science GCSE

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