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Year 10 English Literature 10 Day Revision Challenge

The English Department are setting you the challenge of completing one piece of English Literature revision per weekday of the Easter break. If you rise to the challenge, then you could be in with a chance to win a hamper of prizes!

Submit any great pieces to your class teacher to showcase your brilliant efforts and you will be issued with a raffle ticket.

Good luck and happy revising! 


  1. Get your parents to pay for this on Parent Pay.
  2. Log onto Tassomai.com2Q
  3. Click ‘sign in’.
  4. Click ‘register with a code’.
  5. The code for the school is X77N835A. Use only when setting up an account for the first time.
  6. Set yourself up an account using your name as it appears on Parent Pay, your school email, a simple password and your Science group where it asks for ‘forms’ (or your year group if you are in Y7 or Y8). 
  7. At the same time as setting up your account, try a quiz to make sure it works.
  8. Try to complete your daily goal or more every day.  This should take 10-15 minutes but may take a bit longer at first.
  9. Be patient if the Quizzes seem too easy or too hard, the more you use it the more it will get to know you.

National Day of Reflection

On Tuesday 23rd March, Southam College will take part in the ‘National Day of Reflection.’ This day will mark one year since the start of the first lockdown. The day is an opportunity to reflect on the events of this year. 

At 12pm on Tuesday 23rd March, Southam College will take part in a national one-minute silence to reflect on our collective loss, support those who have been bereaved, and hope for a brighter future. 

10D Hospitality and Catering

On Monday the 10D Hospitality and Catering group had a practical lesson all about presentation. 

They were given a hard boiled egg, a piece of bread and access to salad ingredients and mini bottles of Tomato Sauce, Mayonnaise and Brown Sauce to decorate with.  They then had free rein to use their creativity in order to display the items in an attractive ‘restaurant style’ way. 

Well done to 10D on some lovely display work. 

Miss Sinden.

Southam College are recruiting Global Virtues and Cultural Ambassadors

As part of your role as an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to develop democracy, mutual respect and individual liberty on a whole school basis.
Are you interested in developing cultural opportunities for all year groups?
Would you like to encourage all students to show kindness, confidence, and resilience through these key virtues?
Being an ambassador is open to all year groups

First meeting to take place on Wednesday 17th March in P1 at 12:30pm
Please see Mrs Thomas for more details

Live Assembly

Southam College are hosting a live assembly this morning for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 students in partnership with the Coventry Haven Women’s Aid charity. The charity support people locally on issues relating to domestic violence, refugee support, forced marriage and honour-based violence. 

Thank you to Coventry Haven Women’s Aid for supporting our work on International Women’s day 2021!