Food preparation and nutrition

Mrs James would like to say a big “Well done” to the Y11 Food prep and nutrition students on the completion of their NEA projects – we are now focussing on the exams, using a variety of teaching methods to revise the fundamentals of nutrition and scientific principles behind food preparation.

We have been reinforcing their knowledge of gelatinisation and dextrinisation  with a quick practical demonstration of both topics.  Students went through the gelatinisation process by making a Roux sauce, Veloute sauce and All-in-one sauce, using a temperature probe to see the changes at the different stages, as the heat affected the starch in the flour.  Next they were given some sliced bread to grill, again noting the changes to the surface of the bread as the starch breaks down, turning the bread to ‘toast’, with its’ distinctive caramel colour.  We also looked at the dietary needs of the different age groups and dietary diseases and disorders – students shared their knowledge by writing on the tables (A rare treat in a food room!)”

Keep it going Year 11.

Mrs James
Head of Food

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