Message from Mr Johnson

Friday 8th April marks the end of your second full term in year 11. It will also be your last full term. Take a moment to reflect on all you have achieved since returning to school on Wednesday 5th January 2022. You were amazing during the PPE weeks, showing exceptional focus, behaviour, resilience and dedication. For me this term is a reminder of all that can be achieved. When I think about our return I sometimes feel nervous. On our return there are only 3 school weeks until your exams start. When thinking of this I remind myself of what you have achieved already. You can accomplish so much in a single day. As a year group you have already flourished; reminding myself of this helps provide reassurance.

I hope you have faith and trust yourselves. You show your capabilities each day in lessons. Please take comfort in this at times when you feel anxious. Have a wonderful time during the holidays. Make the most of it with a balance of revision and relaxation.

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