National Citizenship Service

Last week in assembly we had an exciting message from the National Citizenship Service. Remember if you are interested get your application in as soon as possible.

Use if you would like more information. I have some information packs available in the Heads of Year office should you need one. 

It is often reassuring to know that there are exciting opportunities ahead, especially as we approach such a busy period of year 11. 

It’s a busy period because you are bringing together what you have been working on in your school career so far. The effort you make in the final months of year 11 can make such a difference in your achievement. To support with this you may have been invited to an intervention evening on Thursday 31st March, take this and every opportunity possible to get advice and guidance to help you prepare for your exams. 

We are looking forward to celebrating the milestone of completing year 11 and we are keen that you will feel proud that you have been the best you can be. 

Mr Johnson

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