After School Revision Session

A range of subjects will be offering revision sessions in preparation for the upcoming Pre-Public Examination, as mentioned in my letter last week.  I know that it can be a challenge for students when several subjects are running sessions on the same evening so next week has been designed for students to be able to access three subjects per night for a 20minute session each.  These sessions will repeat over the hour so that students can attend in their chosen order for each of the three slots.

•       Slot 1: 3:45pm

•       Slot 2:  4:05pm

•       Slot 3:  4:25pm

Each session will provide students this key information and exam techniques for the PPEs and there will be an ‘exam takeaway’ resource that students can use over the following week to continue their independent revision.

The schedule for subjects is below and students will be given rooming via the student bulletin in registration:

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