5 a side football competition

Even the rain could not dissuade the teams for today’s Y10 5 a-side finale. 

‘It’s Coming Home’s’ 1-0 defeat to ‘Harry’s Magic 5’ added to their previous draws in the competition resulted in a final game, winner takes all match between ‘Posse FC’ and the reigning Champions ‘BBC’.

Callum Stewart expertly finished off two flowing counter attacks to seal victory for Reni Bulyka’s new team.

Massive congratulations to all involved. There has been a fantastic attendance rate every week and the games have been a pleasure to be involved with.


Werrens Wonder’s 0-1 El Muchacho’s

Harry’s Magic 5 0-1 BBC Weather

Posse FC 2-0 BBC

Harry’s Magic 5 1-1 Werren’s Wonders

Posse Fc 1-0 El Muchacho’s

It’s Coming Home 1-0 BBC Weather

Posse FC 2-1 Harry’s Magic 5

It’s Coming Home 0-0 Werren’s Wonders

BBC 0-0 El Muchacho’s

El Muchacho’s 1-0 BBC Weather

Werren’s Wonders 1-0 BBC

Harry’s Magic 5 1-0 It’s Coming Home

Many thanks

Mr Lowdon

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