YEAR 10: Are you making the most of your Tassomai?

Did you know that you can revise Maths and English in Year 10 as well as Science?

While there is uncertainty about how you will be examined this year,  examined you will be and you need to be prepared.
There is still time to use Tassomai to make this easier for you, even if you have not made full use of it yet.
Just log into it and do the questions it tells you to do each day, it couldn’t be simpler.
While you are there, go into ‘Settings’ then ‘manage your classes’ and choose your Maths and English groups.

Forgotten your password?
Send Mr Eltringham an email and he can re-set it for you.

Got questions about Tassomai you are too embarrassed to ask?
Send Mr Eltringham an email, he’s there to help and he’s probably heard it all before.  He certainly won’t laugh at you.

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