Year 9 Basketball

Southam V Myton

The Year 9 Basketball team, led by Tom C., played their first game of the season against an experienced and talented Myton team. Having received some great coaching from Ryan A. over the season and from the sideline today, the team the year 9’s have developed exponentially. It was always about the performance today, and with the levels of effort that the whole team put in during the match, this improved throughout the game.

Francis C. ran the court end to end all game, covering breaks and setting up attacks, assisted by Toby C. Xian L grew in confidence as the game progressed, and as he did he began to influence the game more and more, driving into the basket and intercepting the ball.

Our most effective attacking player of the first half was Matty B. who scored our first points, constantly threatening the Myton basket with shots from the the outside and competing for offensive rebounds. The most surprising performance, however, came from Paul H., who somehow came away with most of our defensive rebounds, even though some of the opposition players were well over a foot taller. It was testament to his tireless running and hustle.

Although Myton dominated the score board for the first 3 quarters, Southam certainly won the last quarter, with Tom C. running our offensive game, converting many fast breaks and easily outscoring the Myton team.

The end score was 50-24 Myton, but the final quarter certainly points to success in the future. Well done to the whole team and I am looking forward to some future fixtures…hopefully in our new Sports Hall!

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 06.03.39

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