Year 8 German Trip

Boppard am Rhein und Koblenz:
Heute heißt es: Schiff ahoi! Southam College students admired the picturesque old- worldly charm of Boppard am Rhein before embarking on a river trip  enjoying the breathtaking landscape. It goes without saying that students will not forget the words “Schloss” and “Burg” in a hurry (both meaning castle) as they were used in abundance by our keen students. At the Lorelei viewpoint we tried our best to make our two birthday girls feel special (Evie Clifford and Mrs Bishop) and celebrated with cake (courtesy of Mr and Mrs Clifford), candles, cards, little presents, party hats and badges. Hollie James, Marie Green and Daisy Aratoon proofed themselves to be real assets thriving on the responsibility to cater for the whole group.
At 29 degrees we truly welcomed the soave and serene pool landscape in Koblenz (serene until we arrived!). Könige der Kletterwand (Kings of the climbing wall): Callum Banthien and Jake Haden. Jake Lynch and Cam Morrison’s big smiles spoke  for themselves.

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