Reminder to students – Remaining on Site

Please remember that you must remain on the school site from when you arrive to school until you leave to return home. This means that if you get a bus to and from school you do not leave the site between when you are dropped off and when you are collected. Please be aware that the Ash Path is off the school site. For those students with a lunch pass you may return home at lunch but MUST sign in and out at the Student Office.
Students using the late buses on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday must remain in school from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, when buses depart. If you leave the site during this time, you will be refused travel on this transport.
Any students found to leave the school site without the appropriate permission will lose their free time at lunchtimes and will be supervised inside, with a staff member on Sports Day. Students will be allowed to compete in their allocated event/s.
Thank you for your support in keeping yourself safe and supervised.

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