Unlucky loss for Southam!

The match against Kenilworth school was extremely close, Southam lost by half a Rounder! The girls played brilliantly, showing their fielding skills had improved a great deal already since their last match. In the first innings Southam took an early lead achieving five and a half rounders to Kenilworth’s three and a half. In the second innings Kenilworth’s batting was excellent allowing them to achieve another eight rounders.  Southam fought hard to keep it tight but just couldn’t quite keep the score low. Finally Southam stepped into bat, there was some cracking hits from the girls. With Sophie Constable and Hannah Nelson successfully contributing to the score line. Unfortunately Southam could not quite get the extra rounder needed to win. Final score, Kenilworth eleven and a half rounders, Southam eleven Rounders!

Marie Green was deservedly awarded ‘Player of the match’.

Well done to all the girls who played, you have done yourselves proud! Miss Evans.

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