Year 8 Football

Last year Southam struggled against a Princethrope side that produced quality passing to win a game comfortably. This year I am pleased to say was a different story. Southam in the first half dominated play and played a high pressing game Paul H, James P  Max S and Sam H. were but a few that panicked the  opposition and dominated midfield with Princethorpe not coping with the conditions.

However no end product for Southam when dominant was an issue.  0-0 at half time. The second half started with Southam tiring a little and Princethorpe  producing well recycled ball. We switched off and allowed a long shot to be struck sweetly in the net. Southam responded however with switching on and pressing again 5 minutes later the response was  a short corner from Sam H to Logan M who swung the ball in for Oli H. to get a great touch and see it past the keeper,1-1. Southam could have had a penalty with a poor tackle with the ball running away, but equally late on Princethrope could have had a penalty as well.  Southam on top did get another corner but a lack of thought and shape saw us caught on the break and an easy finish made hard by the striker to make it 2-1 against the run of play. Southam responded well though with another quality cross from Charlie S. pressured by Southam seeing the Princethrope defender putting it in the net. The quality of the ball however was top draw and the Princethore lad was not really to blame.   With 6 minutes to go a tough of poor clearances and again letting the opposition play after getting back into the game Princethorpe got lucky after a ball deflected off a Southam player and allowed the princethorpe player space to strike across goal, 3-2. A draw would have been  perhaps correct but Southam could have won this game with a little more thought. Never-the less a much improved performance with a fine set of lads – a much better touch which allowed for movement. A tough challenge on Monday awaits with Stratford home on grass playing surface.

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