Year 8 Photography Taster Sessions 2018

Due to popular demand, we will be running two taster sessions. Please see below for the list of students allocated +for each session. The sessions will take place in Art5 on the dates stated and will run from 12.45 pm until 1.15 pm.

Thursday 6th December at 12.45

Dan B 8SE4

Lucy T 8WG3

Joe E  8SE4

Bella C 8WH4

Eve R 8SE4

Charlotte E 8WH4

Abi W 8SE4

Elia T  8WH4

Oliver B 8SE4

Lauren C 8WH4

Bill A 8SE4

Matilda S 8WH4

Abby J 8SE4

Chloe H 8SE4

Ben C 8SE4

Phoebe F 8SE4

Callum B 8SE4

Friday 14th December at 12.45

Charlie 8WH4

Lily R 8GV3

Charlie K 8WH4

Phoebe L 8GV3

Joe W 8WE3

Emma C 8SE3

Erin L 8WE3

Katia M 8SE3

Kylie K 8WE3

Aidan O  8SE3

Tallis I 8WE3

Caitlin W 8WE3

Matty B 8WE3

Katie C 8WG3

Flo P 8SE3

Thomas W 8WE4

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