Year 8  Central Area Tournament

On Wednesday 14th November two Year 8 Netball teams took part in the Central Area Tournament. The Tournament took place at Kingsley Playing fields; other schools who played in the tournament were Myton A & B; NLS A & B; Campion; Aylesford; Kenilworth A & B and Kingsley A & B.

The first game for both our teams was against Myton A & B Team. Southam A played Myton B and won 7-1; Southam B unfortunately drew the short straw and were drawn against Myton A, final score 1-5 to Myton. The second game was against NLS A & B like for like. Both teams won their games; 3-1 and 2-1.  For the third game Southam A were up against campion; the game finished with a draw, score 2-2. Southam B played Aylesford which resulted in a loss. The fourth game was against Kenilworth, Southam B played the B team and Southam A played the A team; both teams lost their matches. The final game of the pool was against Kingsley, Southam A played Kingsley B, score 6-2 to Southam and Southam B unfortunately lost 1-6 to Kingsley A.  Southam B despite playing all the A teams kept their spirits high and remained motivated and determined to win all their games.

Southam A made it to the semi finals where they played against Kingsley A. The game was end to end but we just couldn’t stop the Kingsley attack from scoring. Mae Quinney, Abbie Mawby, Holly Hart and Ruby Jackson in attack played fantastic Netball. The ball was fed from the Centre pass into the shooting circle several times but we were just unlucky with our shooting in this match. Millie Hathaway, Emily Levett and Amelia Blumberger in defence played their best and fought hard to intercept Kingsley’s passes. The GS from Kingsley was just always in the right position to get the ball and shoot straight away making it difficult to defend. Overall a very good match and the score line did not reflect how well Southam Played. Final score 1-7 to Kingsley.

Well done to all those who played; Mae Quinney; Abbie Mawby; Holly Hart; Ruby Jackson; Millie Hathaway; Emily Levett; Amelia Blumberger; Ellie Miller; Hattie Sullivan; Flo Parry; Eve Roddis; Rosie May; Molly Simms; Madeline Jacks; and Isabella Wright who was constantly encouraging her teammates throughout the whole tournament.

‘Thank you for all your hard work and commitment; I am very proud of you all and your performance at the tournament. Miss Evans’

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