Le temps bizarre à Southam College

Strange weather at Southam College

8LA2 French impressed Madame Galvin today with their dramatic “bullétins de méteo” – weather reports detailing some extra strange weather all over la France. Clear, confident performances came from Ben B, Gracie G, Rosie M and Alex E.
Many inventive props found their way into the reports, merci à Jolene E for her fake snow, Bo S for her fake rain and la classe entière for their enthusiasm in making sure we were ‘couvert de neige’.

Special mention has to go to Bill A for his effort incroyable making his own weather map of France. A really sucessful performance from all, practising key structures confidently and improving our pronunication.

Merci à tous! Madame Galvin

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 14.23.43.png

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