Year 7 Netball

Last night the year 7 netball team headed to NLS for a mini tournament against the local schools. The team consisted of Ruby Jackson, Holly Hart, Mae Quinney, Hermione Price, Amelia Blumberger, Abbie Mawby, Ellie Miller & Ruby Jackson. The team, who haven’t played together before had a tough first match against Kingsley but kept their heads up as they worked the ball through the court and pressured the Kingsley players. Their second match against Campion was a close one, losing by only one goal! Amazing shooting from Holly Hart and Millie Hathaway. Their third match against Myton was a loss by only 2 goals, Amelia Blumberger and Mae Quinney in defence never stopped working!! Their final match against Kings High was a win of 5-0! Millie Hathaway, Ellie Miller, Hermione Price and Abbie Mawby worked amazing in centre court supporting the defence and attack! Well done to all of the team, a good first tournament.

Miss Walker

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