Philosophy and Ethics London trip

Year 7 Philosophy and Ethics students attending the London trip – the final payment of £30 is to be paid by Friday 2nd February 2018.

Students will be attending on the following days:

Tuesday 27th March 2018: GV and SE

Thursday 29th March 2018: WE and WH

WG students will attend according to the house they belong too.

A letter is going out to students on Tuesday 23rd January, with further details of this trip.

If you have any further queries or questions, please contact Mrs Thomas (Head of Philosophy and Ethics)

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 14.02.35.png

2 thoughts on “Philosophy and Ethics London trip”

  1. Anna Chapman 7GV2
    For the philosophy and ethics trip (on 27th March 2018), what time will we come back from London?
    Also, do we need to be collected at school?


    1. The Philosophy and Ethics trip will aim to get back to school for 6:30pm. You will need to be collected by parents from school at the end of the trip.
      Mrs Thomas


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