Swimming Gala 2017

Yesterday saw some incredible performances from the swimming gala. We started the day with the year 8 & 9 boys. James Phillips won the butterfly by 16 seconds and the medley by 30 seconds, giving Godiva an amazing start to the morning! Harry Bourton and Ethan Beard dominated the year 8 boys medley, continuing Godiva’s winning streak.

The morning continued with the year 8 & 9 girls. Some outstanding performances from Erin Jones, Lucy Browne and Lana Reese Wilson-Shrubbs. Erin Jones from Webb Ellis had an impressive time of 49.09 seconds in her medley and Lucy and Lana finished the race tight with 58 and 59 seconds making it an exciting event! Chloe Thomson in year 8 had a time of 17 seconds for her butterfly race, winning by an amazing 10 seconds!

The morning finished with year 7, their first swimming gala so excitement was building! Izzy Sharp from Shakespeare started the morning off with an incredible time of 15 seconds for her butterfly, meaning she matched the time of students 2 years above her! She also managed to catch 2 people in the relay race who were almost a whole length ahead! Charlotte Everest showed her skill when she received a time of 58 seconds for her medley, similar to that of some year 9 times! Taylor Bains won her back crawl race, giving Whittle a boost for the end of the morning! Hudson Byatt shone for the year 7 boys, winning his medley and making the relay extremely close between Godiva and Shakespeare, Godiva wining it at the last second! Ashley Barnett won the front crawl race, continuing Godiva’s streak and Callum Stewart impressively won the boys breaststroke by 10 seconds!

An really positive morning for all students and houses, excellent enthusiasm and performances from all year groups and houses! Well done to all of those who took part! Final results: Godiva (1st), Shakespeare and Whittle (2nd) and Webb Ellis (4th). These points will prove valuable in the overall house standings.

Miss MacLachlan and Mrs Turton.


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