England Schools Cup Game

On Wednesday the year 7 and 8 girls cup team led by captain Lucy came up against University of Birmingham School in their first match together.
The team were excited as the game began, with Megan in goal the team were confident, Elektra, Martha, Lucy set up the back 3 and kept the team pushing forward, meeting the ball and stopping UOBS attacking on goal.
Selina, Sienna, Aimee, Layla and Poppy worked hard in the middle pressuring the opposition and working the ball to Gracie and Izzy upfront. The opposition managed to sneak one goal just before half time and we went into the second half 1-0 down.
A few changes to our team meant that Sienna and Gracie took charge upfront. Some beautiful play between the two supported by the strength of the midfielders and Aimee’s amazing throw ins meant that we had many shots on goal! Elektra and Lucy in defence played amazing, meeting the ball and blocking the opposition. Poppy in the middle worked hard to pressure the opposition and hassle so they made mistakes.
Unfortunately for the girls the clock ran out and although there were many amazing attempts on goal, the final score ended 1-0.
Miss MacLachlan and Mr Ginger were extremely impressed with the ethos of the team and the skill they showed in their football. This being the first match they’d ever played together showed huge promise for future years! Although a loss, we are very proud of the efforts of the whole team.
Well done.

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