Year 7 Netball Mini Tournament

Tonight the year 7 netball team had their first mini tournament at NLS. This saw lots of schools from around the area attend an evening full of short matches.

First game saw Southam play a very strong Aylesford team. The girls started well with some good interceptions from Hannah Nelson but unfortunately Aylesford had a very strong GA who was able to dominate the play of the match which slightly distracted the Southam team and the final score was 4-0 to Aylesford.

Second match the girls seemed to switch on a lot more and the play was much more fluent along the court with some excellent inter play between Ellie Miller, Ruby Jackson and Holly Hart which saw the Southam team sneak ahead to a 3-0 victory against NLS.

Final match of the evening was against Campion, this is where Abby Mawby played her best game of netball at centre. She had some brilliant interceptions which allowed the Southam girl’s to take their second victory 3-2.

Well done tonight girl’s you have a lot of potential we just need to start to develop as a team.

Mrs Turton, Miss Walker, Amy and Marie.

Coach’s player: Abby Mawby
Marie and Amy’s player: Ellie Miller
Opponent’s player: Holly Hart

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 20.00.41.png

One thought on “Year 7 Netball Mini Tournament”

  1. This is fabulous news girls well done to each one of you.
    Looking forward to sharing your achievements in assembly.
    Keep up your fantastic efforts
    Mrs. Erroi HOY 7


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