I am pleased to announce the new Godiva Sports Captains for 2017/2018. For year 7 we have Madeleine J and Reni Bwho have already shown fantastic sporting ability in the house cross country and their organisation skills in arranging a great team.

Harry D has continued with his role as sports captain role this year but is being helped by Lucy P to help motivate the year 8 students this year to victory.

The successful year 9 sports captains from last year Poppy L and Charlie Pare continuing their fantastic jobs with the support of Harley W who is the new addition to the year 9 team.

I have full confidence that all 7 of these will do a fantastic job and will help lead Godiva to victory once more!

Mrs Turton, Head of Godiva

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.26.24.png

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