Question from Eve

Do we need football boots or will astro turf trainers do and do they have to be a certain colour?Will we then also need separate indoor/athletic running shoes?

3 thoughts on “Question from Eve”

  1. They can be any colour.
    You will need football boots and turf trainers.
    you will also need trainers so you can wear them inside or out.
    hope this has helped you.


  2. Your trainers can be any colour and you don’t need to worry about astro boots or football trainers unless you’re planning on doing girl’s football club after-school.
    Hope this has helped, Ana, E-mentor


  3. you won’t need studded boots/football boots or whatever you call them unless you want to do join the girls football club which is after-school I didn’t need them or buy them
    Alana year7


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