3 thoughts on “Question from Isabel”

  1. When you start year 7 you will be let out 5 minutes for break and lunch. After those fist few weeks and you have gotten used to the system here you will be let out at the same time as other years. There are five places to get food from. We hope you enjoy your start at Southam College.


  2. You can eat on the field in the summer, in the canteen, on one of the benches or anywhere walking around school. the only places you are not allowed to eat is in the social areas(except for when there is exams) and inside building like the geography block or art block for example. I hope that you enjoy your time at Southam College just as much as I did. all the best Charlotte Wain


  3. when you start in year 7 you will leave 5 minutes early for lunch and sometimes break. you have a line in the canteen for year 7 & 8, you have your own line in year 7 for the kiosk.


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