3 thoughts on “Question from Tallis”

  1. Hi Tallis,
    When you start at Southam College, you get given a homework timetable. This is a rough guideline as to when your tutor group will be set homework. Generally, it could be 1 piece of hw a day, or maybe more. However, the timetable is not usually stuck to, so some days you may have no homework given. Your teachers will give you different tasks every lessons to complete, and for example, if you don’t complete a task in lesson. you will be asked to take it home and finish it. There is a chance that you could be doing homework every day after school, but always make sure you don’t spend too much time so that you have no time to do your own hobbies etc. Hope this has been a help for you Tallis, I know you will enjoy Southam College!
    From Alex – E Mentor.


  2. Hi Tallis
    You won`t get many pieces of homework on your first week.Most homework tasks are based on what you have learnt in lesson. You will still be able to relax after school and hang out with friends. Hope this helps and enjoy yr7 at southam college
    From Ellie Bance -E mentor


  3. Hi Tallis, with homework some days you may not be given any HW which means you’re lucky!!! Homework generally isn’t too difficult but it is given to stretch your knowledge and give you a challenge outside of school. You will probably have until the next lesson to do your homework but obviously this may vary on the days you have certain lessons. I hope this helps you at Southam College – Ava Chapman Year 8


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