Question from Evie

Long Itchington Primary School

  1. In drama class is all the work you do in the year leading up to a play?
  2. What sort of creative writing do you do?

3 thoughts on “Question from Evie”

  1. Hello Evie,
    You do separate topics in drama which some are just plays and others are looking at someone significant in drama history. You usually do plays in groups and it is really fun.
    Alice – e-mentor


  2. Hi Evie,
    for creative writing you will be given a story/topic from your drama teacher and may have to write a story or about a characters background. You may also have to write a monologue as a character.
    Bronia – e-mentor


  3. Hi Evie- for drama you are able to express yourself with your peers in class and sometimes you play team building games and have curtain discussions with your group. You may be asked to work on a one person performance, but with practice you will surely wow the class and be a natural performer !!!!!…Hope this helps with your journey to Southam College-Ava Chapman Year 8


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