4 thoughts on “Question from Connor”

  1. Hi Connor,
    When you start at Southam College, you will roughly be given 3+ pieces of homework every week. It is not the same for every week though. Your homework will be set to help you gain knowledge about the topic you are doing in that subject, ands the teacher will always clearly explain what you have to do. Hope this helps you.
    Alex – E Mentor.


  2. Hi Connor,
    you will be given a homework timetable which indicates when you will be given homework.


  3. Connor , most homework is fairly easy as the teacher will explain how to do it. If you do not understand how to do the homework just ask in the lesson or find your teacher outside of lessons and they will be more than happy to re explain! You will probably get around 3-4 homework pieces a week depending obviously on what classes you have…I hope this helps-Ava Chapman Year 8


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