Question from Rebecca

Long Itchington Primary School

1. What if I struggle with my work in class?
2. Will I be in a tutor with some from my school ?
3. Will I get homework to suit my ability ?

3 thoughts on “Question from Rebecca”

  1. The homework you will receive is set by your teacher of that subject and the task that is set may or may not benefit you. Though in some subjects the challenge is open, like in projects, you can push yourself and complete the optional extension. From Phil.


  2. At Southam College we use the 4 B’s to make sure our learning is the best it can be. The 4 B’s include : Brain, Book, Buddy, Boss. The system allows you to work to your best ability but seek help when needed.

    There is a strong possibility that you will be with a friend in your tutor group. I was put with three friends but still made friends from other schools within the first week. Remember, everyone is trying to make new friends so it should be easy to find a new pal!

    Yes. In the first year only maths and P.E is set. There is regularly different levels of homework for you to choose from, like gold, silver or bronze. This allows you to choose how challenged you are with your homework.

    Looking forward to seeing you in September… Charlotte


  3. you might be in a tutor with some of your friends i know 3 people who came from my old school to southam one is in my tutor and the other two are in the same tutor so you hopefully will


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