Questions from Paige

Stockton Primary School

  1.  What if you lost your way to class what will you do?
  2. When you have your induction day what will you happen first?
  3. When you start year 7 and the first day what will happen?

2 thoughts on “Questions from Paige”

  1. You will have someone with you for the first days I only got lost once and made a new friend asking for help!
    On induction day you will come into the hall past a big notice board which tells you where to sit, you have an assembly and then you’ll meet your tutor group.
    On the first day in September you just go to the hall and everything is explained. Don’t worry you will be fine:)


  2. Hi paige
    If you lose oyur way to class you can go and ask at student office and they will direct you.On your first few weeks a teaching assistant will show you and your tutor where to go to find your room. On induction day you wil be shown to the hall where you find what tutor group you are and sit with them in the hall they will explain everything
    Hoped this helps*


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